Flappy Hat
Flappy Hat
Flappy Hat
Flappy Hat
Flappy Hat
Flappy Hat
Flappy Hat

Flappy Hat

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Editors' Notes:

What do you get when you combine the cuteness of a bunny rabbit and the magic of an enchantress- you get a bunny magic ears hat? This hat is magical indeed for whenever you press the extended appendages like a pump of the hoodie, it lifts and flaps the ear connected to it. Just like magic! The ear flaps on a simple pneumatic pump mechanism which manifests as a delight for kids and adults alike. This bunny hat with magic ears can be used as an office prank prop or as an ideal gift for your crazy friends.

Transform your day into a fun & crazy One

Wanna have fun? Don’t we all! After all, there comes a time in our lives when we get bored of the same old routine of ours. But – you don’t want to put in extra time and effort for a change. You just want a simple casual change that could make your day exciting and hilarious.


This crazy hat has a cute appearance and creative movable/jumping ear design. The ear can twitch & move when the paw is being pressed.

Built for Comfort and Swag

Flappy hats are made of top quality soft plush material that is comfortable to your skin.

Home Gathering can be so much fun

It’s a perfect gift for kids & even adults as whole family can sing along while moving the flappy ear. Our Flappy hat is an ideal festival gift choice, such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day as a gift to your wife, girlfriend, family and friends.



We couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to the Flappy HatsIt’s pop to make videos with the lovely bunny ears moving up and down in your favorite rhythmic music. An awesome selfie partner! Lets have some fun showing off our charming dance moves, and make cute expressions when wearing it.


You’ll be the Cutest One!

It’s awesome for role cosplay or party. Perfect accessory for Easter, Christmas, Halloween & Thanksgiving.


Not only a hat, but also a funny plush toy. Flappy Hat is able to keep warm too. Extremely cute, soft, smooth and definitely a headband, the best choice during events & parties.


Q: Do both ears move?
A: Yes, both ears can move.

Q: How do you wash it?
A: It can be washed directly with water.

Q: Can you flap up & down one ear at a time?
A: Yes. Each ear is controlled independently. As any good bunny would.

Q: Does it squeak when you squeeze?
A: It does not squeak or make any noise at all.


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